Mark Heimermann Productions

Producer, Songwriter, Singer and Musician

With over thirty years as a professional in the music industry, I am grateful to say I have worked in virtually every facet of the business.  I have been fortunate enough to have toured and performed live with some of the industry's most revered artists.  I have spent years as a session singer and keyboardist.  I have written and produced everything from jingles and songs, to soundtracks, records and rock operas.  I have spent countless hours in studio production and artist development.  It has also been my privilege to own studios, publishing companies and even an indie record label.

All that to say, music has been my profession, my passion and the avenue for not only my artistry, but that of the gifted artists that have come my way over the years.  I am truly blessed and thankful.  

It would be my pleasure to bring my experience to your artistry.  Let's make some great music together!  - Mark